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Announcing Shorty Vox Populi and Finalists!

On Monday, March 26th at 7:30pm, tune in live at to see who the best content producers on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, YouTube, Quora and the rest of the social web are!

Shorty Vox Populi:

New this year, the person or organization with the most nominations in a featured category is the recipient of the Shorty Vox Populi distinction. For a chance to win a Shorty Award, finalists from several of the featured categories have been chosen to be presented to the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences ( The Academy will then select one from each chosen category to declare as a Shorty Award winner, complete with 140-character acceptance speeches.

Who are the finalists and the Shorty Vox Populi?!

#YouTubeStar (Presented by @AETV's #BreakoutKings)
 Vox Populi:  Paolo Feliciano @kimpoyfelician, Jamich @Ilovejamich, Peyton Sanders @TheRealPSanders, Julie Anne San Jose @MyJaps, Justin Bieber @JustinBieber, Curtis Paradis, @CurtisParadis

#Celebrity (Presented by @BIO)
 Vox Populi: Kim jae joong @mjjeje, Justin Bieber @JustinBieber, Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus, JEDWARD @PlanetJedward, Selena Gomez  @SelenaGomez, demetria lovato  @DDLovato

 (Presented by @WeatherChannel) Vox Populi: Andy Gabrielson @FindTheTornado, AL Storm Spotters @alastormspotter, Brad Panovich WCNC @wxbrad, Nazaneen Ghaffar @SkyNewsNaz, Weddar @Weddar, Maurice Shamell @MoeWx

(Presented by @WeatherChannel) Vox Populi:  Gidi_Traffic @Gidi_Traffic, Sophia Bush  @SophiaBush, A Broader View - NGO @abroaderview, Scott Mills,  @GraffitiBMXCop, Humanity Road @HumanityRoad, FDNY, @FDNY

(Presented by @HealthJoinIn) Vox Populi: Fitocracy, @Fitocracy, Christopher Brisley, @TakeaChallenge, JohnBasedow @JohnBasedow, Cassey Ho, @blogilates, Cellucor @Cellucor, Katrina & Karena @ToneItUp

#Apps (Presented by @Pepsico)
 Vox Populi: Missing e @theMissinge, Jasmine V App @JasmineVapp, ManageFlitter @ManageFlitter, Instagram @instagram, Twitter @twitter, SocialBro App @SocialBro

#Journalist (Presented by @MuckRack)
 Vox Populi: West Wing Report @WestWingReport,  Sarah Nadav @sarahnadav, Steve Silberman @stevesilberman, Andy Carvin @acarvin, Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof,  Kim Segal CNN Miami @CNNkimsegal

: PrankvsPrank @Jessewelle, DJ TAY JAMES @DJTayJames,  Marie Forleo @marieforleo, Fafa The Groundhog @FafaGroundhog, Mario @MarioGlove, Sam Pepper @sampepper

: Vox Populi: Pretty Little Liars @ABCFpll, WWE @WWE, Attack of the Show @aots,  The Glee Project @TheGleeProject, The Vampire Diaries @vampirediaries, Castle Show @Castle_ABC

: Vox Populi:  Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson, Christian Beadles @LittlecBeadles,  Kingsley @kingsleyyy, Ryan Higa @TheRealRyanHiga, Marian Rivera @superstarmarian, Bri Robert Domingo @bridomingo

: Vox Populi:  Tom Syndicate @ProSyndicate, JJ Olatunji @KSIOlajidebt, The Sims 3 @TheSims3, Toby Turner @TobyTurner, Sean Plott, @day9tv, LReporta @LReporta

: Vox Populi:  GS Elevator Gossip @GSElevator,  Lucy P. Marcus @lucymarcus,  xtremepicks @xtremepicks_com, @profitly, Slow Money @SlowMoney, atelieradvisors @atelieradvisors

: Vox Populi: Tusk @TUSK_IV, The Fake ESPN @TheFakeESPN,  The Doctor @ItsTheDoctor, Dilma Rousseff @dilmabr, The DM Reporter @DMReporter, Jim Moriarty @ItsJimMoriarty

: Vox Populi:  Alfredo Flores @AlfredoFlores, Dean Sherwood @Dean_Sherwood, Lewis Cater @lewiscater, KAT BROOKS @thekatbrooks, Daniel Duran @danielduran4, Ryan Butler @itsRyanButler

: Vox Populi: Niall Horan @NiallOfficial, Mud Baron @Cocoxochitl, SORTED @sortedfood, Hannah Hart @harto, RebeccaSubbiah RD @chowandchatter, Epic Meal Time @EpicMealTime

: Vox Populi:  PSU Dance Marathon @THON, Meg Styles @meg_styles, Echelon House @TheEchelonHouse, Random Acts @therandomactorg, SPCA Helper♥ @AmaniForSCPA, 501st Legion @501stLegion

: Vox Populi:  Jonas Brothers @JonasBrothers, One Direction @onedirection, mcfly @mcflymusic, 30secondstomars @30SECONDSTOMARS, the wanted @thewantedmusic, paramore @paramore

: Vox Populi:  ian somerhalder @iansomerhalder, Michael Q Todd @mqtodd, Jerry James Stone @jerryjamesstone, Lynn Hasselberger @LynnHasselbrgr, ABroaderView Charity @abroaderview, Stana Katic @Stana_Katic

: Vox Populi:  kevin jonas @kevinjonas, ian somerhalder @iansomerhalder, Dwayne Johnson @TheRock, Misha Collins @mishacollins, Nathan Fillion @NathanFillion, Tom Felton @TomFelton

: Vox Populi:  Selena Gomez @selenagomez, Rosmeri Marval @rosm18, Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus, Agnes Monica @agnezmo, Stana Katic @Stana_katic, Anahi @Anahi

: Vox Populi:  Sherlockology @Sherlockology, Girls’ Generation @SMTown_SNSD, Justin Bieber Babes @belieberbabes, @MileyCyrusBz, @TeamMileyNY, Demi Lovato Brasil @demilovatobr

: Vox Populi:  Anthony Cumia @AnthonyCumia, Zack Ryder @ZackRyder,  brian redban @redban, hippojuicefilm @hippojuicefilm, Awkward Black Girl @awkwardblkgrl, Divine: The Series @DivineTheSeries

: Vox Populi:  Virtual Astronomer @VirtualAstro, Reid Gower @ReidGower, Matt Parker @standupmaths, Awel Evans @Astro_Awel, Jenny ★ @astrojenny, Nature News&Comment @NatureNews

: Vox Populi:  Agnes Monica @agnezmo, Sarah Wright @SarahWrightTX, Ann Li @thisisAnnLi, StephenKGlickman @StephenGlickman, Melissa Stetten @MelissaStetten, Luke Reichle @RedCarpetLuke

: Vox Populi:  Wyatt @wyattkostygan, Jared Leto, @jaredleto, Kirill @KirillWasHere, Adam Bouska @bouska, jaafar jackson @jaafarjjackson, JohnnyLace @JohnnyLace

: Vox Populi:  Rafael Correa @MashiRafael, Gov. Buddy Roemer @BuddyRoemer, Sunlight Foundation @SunFoundation, QPS Media Unit @QPSMedia, NASA @NASA, Centro de Operações @OperacoesRio

: Vox Populi:  demetria lovato @ddlovato, Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus, HENDRA @HENDRAMUSIC, Justin Bieber @justinbieber, Agnes Monica @agnezmo, deadmau5 @deadmau5

: Vox Populi:  Kol Knight Riders @KKRiders, New Orleans Saints @Saints, New England Patriots @Patriots, Sheffield Wednesday @swfc, MERCEDES AMG F1 @MercedesAMGF1, Liverpool FC @LFC

: Vox Populi:  Anonymous @YourAnonNews, TwitCause @TwitCause, DewaKlasikAlexander @Dewa_Klasik, AnonOps @anonops, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET @OccupyWallStNYC, Sea Shepherd @SeaShepherd

: Vox Populi:  ⒶⓛⓔⓧⒸⓞⓝⓢⓣⓐⓝⓒⓘⓞ @AlexConstancio7, Smosh @smosh, Jim Norton @JimNorton, Matt Walker @funnymatt, Perver Beliebers ♔ @iimaginaperver, Christian Beadles @LittlecBeadlers

: Vox Populi: Charles Trippy @CharlesTrippy, G Adventures @gAdventures, Insider Perks @InsiderPerks, Hjortur Smarason @hjortur, Sassy Stew @sassystewrants, Citi Pond @CitiPondNYC

Who’s won a Shorty before?
Past winners include Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien), Cory Booker (@CoryBooker), Sesame Street’s Grover (@SesameStreet), Suze Orman (@SuzeOrman), Ted Leo (@tedleo), Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) and NASA (@NASA).

Can I come?
Yes! Tickets are available at

Stay tuned for more finalists to be announced next week!

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