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The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee and Jason Jones to host the Shorty Awards! Plus, Special Category Finalists…

The Shorty Awards are proud to announce The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee and Jason Jones as co-hosts of the 4th Annual Shorty Awards! Tune in to the live stream at on March 26 to watch this dynamic duo set the stage for a short night honoring amazing content producers on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, YouTube, Quora and the rest of the social web.

See below for a list of finalists in our special categories honoring users of Foursquare, Tumblr and Quora and check out this article in WSJ’s Speakeasy!

Also, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Health. Join In. #SocialFitness category was featured in a segment on the Dr. Steve Show!

Real-Time Photo of the Year

"From my friend in Cairo."
Olly Wainwright, @ollywainwright
Police unload a water cannon on protestors last spring in Cairo, Egypt.

"Police Pepper-Spraying UC Davis Students."
Louise Macabitas, Psych Major at UC Davis
A campus officer pepper-sprays UC Davis protestors in a photo that went viral.

"Family members of the victims of the attacks gather around the south pool. #wherewereyou #tenyearslater #911 #groundzero photo credit: John Makely /"
John Makely, @JMakely_917
People gather in memory of 9/11.

"Here’s another Photo of the shuttle from my plane"
Stefanie Gordon, @stefmara
A photo from a passenger aircraft at the final launch of the Space Shuttle.

(Translated from Japanese) “Immediately after the tsunami came. 2 taken from the home. Have been left behind, still flooded! Please rescue! Arahama district town WatariWatari-gun, Miyagi Prefecture!”
Citizen of Japan, @_mego
A look at the devastation that occurred on the Japanese mainland after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami last year.

Microblog of the Year
NPR Fresh Air 
Half curated content, half Tumblr blog, NPR’s Tumblr presence is a novel synthesis of informality and user-driven content on a national brand.
STFU Parents 
STFU Parents is a popular Tumblr blog for the most excruciating social irritants—new parents. Read as parents absolutely enthralled with their new infants decide to rub it in our faces over social media.
Short Form Blog  
Perfect for news collection or just a laugh, Short Form Blog is expanding the definitions of what it means to be a microblog.
Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things 
Pictures of kim jong-il looking at things.
The Obama Jog  
Pictures of President Obama jogging.

We are the 99 Percent 
This collection of grievances from the young and old, poor and moderately wealthy, went viral last fall with Occupy Wall Street.

Answer of the Year:

Question: Why Is U2 So Popular?
Author: Daniel Rosenthal

Question: What’s the best way to escape the police in a high-speed car chase?
Author: Justin Freeman

Question: If you injure a bug, should you kill it or let it live?
Author: Matan Shelomi

Question: Why is so much of Silicon Valley obsessed with small ideas that don’t solve a problem?
Author: Michael Wolfe

Question: What is it like to have an understanding of advanced mathematics?
Author: Anonymous user

Question: Why did Steve Jobs choose to not effectively treat his cancer?
Author: Ramzi Amri

Mayor of the Year

Michael Bloomberg  
Rachel Sterne, Bloomberg’s hand-picked Chief Digital Officer, wrote “One of the few actual mayors to hold that distinction on foursquare, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is certainly the Mayor of the Year for his spectacular strides in making New York City the #1 city for innovation in the world. The announcement of the Cornell Technion engineering campus is further testament to this commitment.” 

Erica Olenski 
A Foursquare maven from the Dallas area, Erica has a penchant for Mexican food and social media.

Steve Wozniak 
Steve Wozniak, the lovable co-founder of Apple, who apparently likes IHOP enough to be the mayor of the one in Santa Clara.

Mario Batali
One of the most recognized chefs in New York, Batali uses Foursquare to enform and entertain his followers on restaurants in the New York area.
Eric Andersen
With nearly 20,000 check-ins, 100 badges, and over 500 tips, Eric, an IBM tech consultant, is using Foursquare to map the Boston area’s most interesting places.

Ramel Werner
With 130 Mayorships across Chicago and 13,000 check-ins, Ramel is the undisputed Foursquare king of Chicago. Expect a wealth of information in his quippy tips.
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February 29, 2012