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The Best Social Media Manager Shorty Award goes to Stephanie Schierholz of NASA!


Last Monday, Stephanie Schierholz (@Schierholz)won Spredfast's Shorty Industry Award for Best Social Media Manager. Schierholz runs NASA's considerable social media presence, operating the agency's more than 250 social media accounts across dozens of platforms. Calling NASA's followers “SpaceTweeps,” Schierholz is active within the @NASA Twitter handle, communicating with its two million followers and informing them of interviews with NASA members. Schierholz’s win earned mentions in PC Mag and the Washington Post. Congratulations, Stephanie!

NASA averaged around one Twitter meetup, or “Tweetup,” per month last year, organized around spacecraft launches. Schierholz ensures that NASA’s online presence remains active, personal, and effective at conveying important information. Schierholz is also responsible for astronaut Douglas Wheelock’s first extraterrestrial Foursquare check-in last year, aboard the International Space Station, which earned him a Shorty Award. 

The Social Media Manager Award is presented with Spredfast, a social media management tool the Shorty Awards use to monitor our activity with our followers on multiple platforms. During the ceremony, we were able to track sponsors, presenters, winners, mentions, and hashtags using Spredfast. Here’s a screenshot of Spredfast in use:

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March 30, 2012