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Tips for living a #SocialFitness life

The Olympics are over but don’t let that stop you from staying active and embracing the world of #SocialFitness. In honor of the Olympics we partnered with Health. Join In. for an Olympics chat that discussed how simple changes end up making a big difference in success, even for Olympians. Now, here are some ideas on how to use social media to share healthy living tips beyond the Olympics.

  1. Get a benchmark for your #SocialFitness influence and play the Social Summer Games on Health. Join In.’s Facebook page. You’ll earn a bronze, silver or gold medal based on your health and fitness-related Facebook activity. You can also take healthy quizzes and share your results on Facebook and Twitter!
  2. Create a Pinterest vision board of your health and fitness inspiration. Add healthy recipes, how-to guides, images of your favorite Olympic successes and even images of your own lifestyle.
  3. Get ready for a #SocialFitness day by stretching in bed, drinking a tall glass of water, meeting some neighbors for a morning run and assembling a nutritious breakfast while dancing to energetic music. (These tips were shared during our Twitter chat.)
  4. Challenge yourself to become the mayor of your local gym or wellness café on Foursquare. Each time you check in, make sure your update posts to other social networks so your message to stay healthy can be infectious.
  5. To stay active during vacation, bring some lightweight resistance bands. Store your workout routines on your smartphone with a fitness app like Fitocracy or simply type them into your favorite note-taking app.
  6. Help inspire a generation by participating in Shorty #SocialFitness winner Christopher Brisley’s latest campaign: Share how your team is staying active with hashtag #TaCTeam and check out Take a Challenge’s resources for keeping it up.
  7. Make your own Olympic playlist on Spotify to share with friends, or find a pre-made playlist on Songza. To get your body in sync with your mind, grab some headphones and work out to your new playlist. Make sure to enable social network sharing so you can inspire others to do the same.
  8. When using public transit, get off one stop early and walk the remainder of your trip. (@TakeaCallenge shared this tip during our Twitter chat.)
  9. Make your next workout Olympic themed! Check out Blogilates’ Invade London workouts for ideas.
  10. Unleash your inner Olympian spirit by turning your fitness goals into a game with Fitocracy, the iPhone #SocialFitness network that lets you track workouts, join fitness groups and compete in real-time against your fitness and health pals.
  11. Participate in the Health. Join In. Shorty Awards #SocialFitness category next year by nominating an individual who helps others to make healthy choices in their lives through their influence on social media.
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August 13, 2012