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Last year Christopher Brisley of Take a Challenge, won the Health. Join In. Social Fitness Award, an award that honors an individual who helps others to make healthy choices in their lives through their influence on social. Christopher shared two heartfelt stories of two role models, whose stories are both inspirational and noteworthy.

Corinne Ellison had always had a passion for fitness until she noticed several problems during her fitness training. Soon after, her medical test results proved that Ellison had an Atrial Septal defect, meaning – there was a large hole in her heart, which would potentially lead to heart failure if left untouched. Corinne spent four hours in surgery and her heart stopped for 39 minutes. Two years after this nightmare, Corrine completed Ironman, a competitive triathlon in 16:05:05! To learn more about Corinne’s journey, please click here.

Gary Brennan was 27 years old when he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Weighing in at 550 pounds and wanting to lose weight, he set a goal to be able to cycle 6.5 miles. Little by little, Brennan made adjustments in his life to reach these ambitious goals. Four years later, Brennan weighs 182 pounds and is diabetes-free and healthy. Feel free to check out Gary’s story here.

Currently, Take a Challenge is working on an inspirational campaign to inspire people of all ages to get into sports despite their age. Take a Challenge is hoping this campaign will motivate people of all ages. Please feel free to read amazing stories of people who did not let their ages get the best of them.

Justin Martin: Ironman at 61

To read more inspirational stories, please visit the Take a Challenge website here. If you are interested in contributing to Take a Challenge or if you want to offer any supporting insight, please email
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October 24, 2012