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Video of the 2nd Annual Shorty Awards

Are you ready to share the experience of the Shorty Awards with your friends? We’ve got video from the night in all shapes and sizes for you to embed, tweet and project.

Here’s the full hour-long video of the night from Livestream:

Highlight reel (8 minutes) from our friend Kristen Taylor:

William Shatner’s @ShitMyDadSays reading and congratulations to Shorty winners:

Shorty Awards presents Can I Afford It with Suze Orman and Mark Z.:

Cory Booker’s acceptance speech:

Grover’s 140 character acceptance speech for @SesameStreet at the Shorty Awards:

Shorty Awards presents Twitter Cops (by LandlineTV):

Mrs Stephen Fry’s 140 character Shorty Award acceptance speech:

You can find clips of all acceptance speeches on the Shorty Awards Youtube Channel, including our infamous and NSFW Kanye West moment. Photos from the event are up on the Shorty Awards Flickr account.

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March 8, 2010