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Announcing the finalists for Quora Answer of the Year


Is it ever necessary to write over 140 characters? Quora answered that question with its platform that connects people with the best information possible. In their own words: “When you want to know more about something, Quora delivers you answers and content from people who share your interests and people who have first-hand knowledge — like real doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers and military veterans.”

This Shorty Award will honor an answer (and its author) that’s exceptionally insightful and provocative. The winner will be announced at the 5th Annual Shorty Awards on April 8!

Here are the 5th Annual Shorty Award finalists for Quora Answer of the Year:

1. Question: What would a modern-day evil genius have to do in order to take over the world? Answered by: Oliver Emberton   

2. Question: What is it like to be in a relationship with someone who has Asperger’s? Answered by: Laura Copeland   

3. Question: What’s it like to play on the same basketball team as Jeremy Lin? Answered by: Drew Housman   

4. Question: What does the first day of a 5+ year prison sentence feel like? Answered by: Kenyatta Leal

5. Question: What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs? Answered by: Tim Smith

Congratulations to all of the finalists!

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March 10, 2013