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Announcing the #KeepGoodGoing finalists


Here’s a run-down of the finalists of the Shorty Award for #KeepGoodGoing, presented with New York Life. These finalists are #Moms and #Dads who are passionate about their family and have done an exceptional job using social media to inspire others to do the same— focusing on the positive in life and #KeepGoodGoing.

The winner will be announced at the 5th Annual Shorty Awards on April 8!

We sat down with author and #KeepGoodGoing juror Leigh Anne Touhy (@LeighAnneTuohy). Check out the full interview and #KeepGoodGoing finalists below!

Laraine Claire (@LaraineClaire) is the mom of the band, Emblem 3

Papa Jonas (@PapaJonas) is the Jonas Brothers’ father who has launch their career and help make sure that charity work is an important part of what they do as celebrities.

DaDa Rocks! (@dadarocks) is a #Dad, blogger and the director of marketing and social media for J&R Jr.

Kathy Schmidt (@ktothe5th) runs an amazing organization called Choose 180, which gives a lot to charities and spreads positive messages.

Kathy Zucker (@kathyzucker) is a mom, wife, fencer, strategic planner and Founder/CEO/Managing Editor of

Colette Butler (@katilette) is the famous mommy YouTuber who’s part of Shaytards with her husband Shay Carl.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

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March 13, 2013